Regulations of the “Contest of young artists of the CIS member states - “Both worlds within my compass come...” - 2021”

1. General Provisions

1.1. “The contest of young artists of the CIS member states - “Both worlds within my compass come...” - 2021” (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) is held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with the financial support of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation (IFHC).
1.2. This Regulations determine the conditions of organization, participation, evaluation of works, awarding the winners of the Contest.
1.3. The organization and conduct of the Contest is based on the principles of humanism, general accessibility, and priority of universal values, citizenship, and free personal development, protection of the rights and interests of the participants of the Contest.
1.4. Contest Official Website:
1.5. The Contest is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
1.6. Financing of the Contest is carried out at the expense of the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Azerbaijan Republic and IFHC.
1.7. These Regulations have been approved by the Board of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan . The legal address of the Committee of the Contest: Baku, 4 Olympic Street, Ministry of Youth and Sport).

2. The goals and objectives of the Contest

2.1. Promoting the idea of the value of diversity of cultures and the possibilities of the virtual space;
2.2 Identification of young and talented representatives of visual art in the CIS space and the promotion of their work;
2.3. Supporting youth creativity through international exhibitions and competitions that provide access to a wide range of participants;
2.4. The use of modern capabilities of electronic space to attract the largest number of participants and viewers, as well as to combine the forms of visual art and electronic technical capabilities;
2.5. Development and promotion of art as a means of communication.

3. Terms of Participation in the Contest

3.1. Young people aged 18-30 are allowed to participate in the online contest.
3.2. Participants can be both professionals in the field of visual art, as well as amateurs who have submitted works that correspond to the topics, goals and objectives of the Contest.
3.3. To participate, please send to the Contest Organizing Committee for consideration at

• work in jpeg format (max. size 5 Mb);
• participant's application form;
• scanned copy of the passport.
3.4. The inclusion of an artwork description and its philosophical concept in the application is taken into account when evaluating the work.
3.5. The work (s) accepted for participation in the Contest will be posted on the Contest website.
3.6. The Organizing Committee places the work on the site in accordance with the nomination indicated by the participant. Within the nomination, works are arranged as they are received.
3.7. Several works by one artist can participate in the Contest, if they all correspond to the subject of the Contest.

4. Contest Nominations

4.1. The competition includes 4 (four) nominations:
1) painting, graphics, sculpture - 3 winners
2) photography – 3 winners;
3) computer graphics - 3 winners 4
) installation - 3 winners.
4.2. 2 (two) special prizes
"The best expression of idea" -1 winner
"The best technical performance" -1 winner.

5. Contest Jury

5.1. The works presented at the Contest are evaluated by a jury composed of a number of famous artists of Azerbaijan.
5.2. The jury has the right to decide whether to publish a description of the work and its philosophical concept.
5.3. The decision of the Contest Jury will be published on the website.
5.4. The winners of the Contest are determined because of the expert evaluation of all members of the jury and are awarded with valuable gifts and diplomas.
5.5. Works that are not directly related to the Contest topics, contain information that promotes extremism, violence, national discord, offending human dignity are not allowed to participate.
5.6 By decision of the Jury, the winner in the nomination is not determined if the submitted works do not meet the conditions of the Contest and (or) there is no work among them, certainly worthy of a prize.

6. Terms and stages of the Contest

1.Informing potential participants about conducting the Contest:
22-25 november 2021
2.Receiving applications for participation in the Contest. Publication of works on the site of the Contest:
25 november - 3 december
3.Evaluation of the works of nominees by the Jury:
2-6 december
4.Publication of the decision of the Jury on the website:
7 december
5.Award Ceremony:

7. Prize fund of the internet contest 7.1. The total Prize Fund of the contest will be determined by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 7.2. All state, commercial, public structures and individuals have the right to offer their prizes in any nominations and outside of them. They must send their proposals to the Organizing Committee at least 20 calendar days before the end of the Contest. The Organizing Committee makes the final decision on the establishment of new awards and prizes in this Contest.

The concept of "the Contest of Young Artists of the CIS Member States "Both worlds within my compass come..." - 2021"

Goals of the Contest

Recognition of young and talented representatives of visual art in CIS and promotion of their works;
Support of youth creativity by means of international exhibitions and contests providing access to a wide range of participants;
Use of current opportunities provided by internet to attract more parti cipants and audience, as well as to connect forms of visual art and online technical abilities;
Development and popularization of the art as communication.


Young people aged 18-30 are allowed to participate in the Online Contest.

Concept of the Contest
The following shades of interpretation are especially important for the concept of media contest:
• media multi-functionality ,
• a hardheaded analysis of the events, the desire to understand the primal laws of existence and the ability to go beyond the usual views and horizon of experience ,
• the determination in the defense of their principles
• the rebellion against the narrow-mindedness of the surrounding intellectual and moral environment.
So, the participants of "Both worlds within my compass come..." Contest of young artists are proposed to think about the following questions:
• How far can young people have their own philosophical concept and defend it?
• How can we move away from oblivious copying of reality to demonstrate its new dimensions and to show new dimensions of our own personality?
• On the other hand, should we show not reality, but irreality — other worlds, which we see, for example, in fantasy genre?
• What is the meaning of life?
• What is the world around and personality in this world?
The world of media is some kind of world of "virtual" dimension. However, the virtuality of the Contest's form (online) and some "virtuality" of the external reading of the concept are not dominant for the themes of the contestants' works.
The novelty of the idea, form and technical means of expression of the concept's theme are to be main for the goals of participants.
The systematic rejection of patterns and the fight against beaten path are the most important points of this concept, because these are the main elements of the development of both man and society as a whole, as well as the development of democracy.
In this sense, the contestants have equal chances, because they are united not only according to their ages, but also by the age of democracies in their countries, which gained independence almost simultaneously with the collapse of the USSR. The more interesting it will be to see the features of self-consciousness of each creative individual in modern society through this general prism.

Rules of the Contest:

The Contest is aimed at young people under the age of 30 living in the CIS countries.
The authors choose style, technique, format of the works on their own.
The authors must send their works to The Organizing Committee selects the works for submission to the jury. The works selected by the Organizing Committee become available to all users of the website.
Jury - experts in the field of art and art business choose the winners online by secret ballot. The winner is determined by the maximum amount of points.