To participate in the contest, take a few steps:

Step # 1 - Read the Regulations and the Concept of the competition
Step # 2 - Choose a nomination and digitize your work
Step # 3 - Send your work along with the completed application form and scan version of your passport to email address:
Step # 4 - Become a winner of the competition.

painting, drawing, sculpture

Painting - a type of visual art associated with the transfer of visual images by applying paint to the surface. There are five types of painting: easel, monumental, decorative, theatrical and decorative, miniature. By easel painting include...

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Photography - image recording technology by registration optical radiation using photographic material or semiconductor converter. Unlike some other languages, in Russian the word "Photo" is used only with reference...

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computer graphics

Computer graphics (also computer graphics) - the area of ​​activity in which computers along with special software are used as a tool, both for creating (synthesizing) and editing images, and for digitizing...

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Installation (English installation - installation, placement, installation) - modern art form, which is a spatial composition, created from various ready-made materials and forms (natural objects, industrial and household items...

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Art in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan people being one of the most ancient peoples of the world, rightly proud with its historical monuments of material culture, with its rich literature, art and musical culture.

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