Terms and stages of the Contest

1.Informing potential participants about conducting the Contest:
1 june - 15 june
2.Receiving applications for participation in the Contest. Publication of works on the site of the Contest. :
15 june - 15 august
3.Evaluation of the works of nominees by the Jury:
15 august - 1 september
4.Publication of the decision of the Jury on the website:
1 september
5.Award Ceremony:

painting, drawing, sculpture

Painting - a type of visual art associated with the transfer of visual images by applying paint to the surface. There are five types of painting: easel, monumental, decorative, theatrical and decorative, miniature. By easel painting include...

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Photography - image recording technology by registration optical radiation using photographic material or semiconductor converter. Unlike some other languages, in Russian the word "Photo" is used only with reference...

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computer graphics

Computer graphics (also computer graphics) - the area of ​​activity in which computers along with special software are used as a tool, both for creating (synthesizing) and editing images, and for digitizing...

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Installation (English installation - installation, placement, installation) - modern art form, which is a spatial composition, created from various ready-made materials and forms (natural objects, industrial and household items...

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